ETM Meditations & Journeys 

We offer six experiential portals into guided inner adventures.

Below are short introductions to all of the portals.

Each portal includes many individual experiences.

When you download the Enjoy This Moment app

you'll find full explanations for each portal.

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Audio Guide

Enjoy 24 deep audio meditations and adventures focusing on a variety of themes, as you relax and quiet your mental buzz ... and open up to new experiences of inner calm, compassion, insight and awakening ... plus a lot of pure good pleasure and fun!


On the ETM app, just tap 'Programs' and then tap 'Audio Guide'. You can either spin the selection wheel and let the influence of synchronicity choose your experience - or go to the Audio Guide menu and select the theme that most attracts you. The audio programs range from 2 minutes to 30 minutes.

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Uplift Videos

Combining a trustful guiding voice, beautiful nature and art visuals, and soothing music composed specifically for these videos, each of these 18 video meditations and inner journeys offers a unique portal into expanding your inner presence and potential.


These videos combine entertainment and meditation to create what we call meditainment experiences. The general flow of each video begins with getting centered and quieting the mind and emotions. Then we focus attention in psychological and spiritually-rewarding directions.

ETM Primal Journeys V.png

Primal Journeys

One of the deepest human spiritual traditions centers around the Tarot teachings found throughout the world. This ETM portal explores, in short audio journeys, each of the many dimensions of human personality, so that you can focus on each in turn, and nurture the balancing, healing, and expansion of your own personality.

All of the ETM programs are designed to be experienced a number of times, and each time you'll go deeper, discover new realms of your own being, and learn to open your heart and mind to understand and appreciate other people as well as yourself.  

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Wakeup Games

This is a special portal with three different types of experience. The Core Virtues button leads you into 26 short audio explorations of the primary human virtues as essential for sustaining community.

The Positive Choices button takes you to a new process for letting go of negative one-liners, and replacing them with positive attitudes.

The Wisdom Sayings button leads you to an inspired collection of over 200 key questions and sayings, to stimulate new reflection, insight, and awakening.

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Intuit Photos

Loads of new research has documented what we all know from experience - that regularly tuning into the beauty and grandeur of nature stimulates a deep response of oneness, healing, pleasure and thankfulness. We live in a concrete and sheetrock environment these days so it's essential to pause often and open up to the power of nature and beauty.

Our ETM team has collected and created over 1200 unique photos and works of art for you to enjoy whenever you have a few minutes to nurture your soul. The images change every ten seconds or so; you can also personalize the pace in Settings.

ETM Pleasure Spin V.png

Pleasure Spin

When you want to just quiet your mind and let synchronicity choose what you're going to experience next, tap Pleasure Spin on the Program Menu, swipe your finger to spin the wheel, and enjoy whatever comes to you!

Synchronicity is a mysterious power in which we quiet our ego's demands, and instead allow the greater reality of the universe to influence our present experience. You can think of this as purely random chance, or as a way to let Spirit participate in your choice of what comes next in life, and tap into life's ongoing adventure!

Our current audio and video programs

are drawn from several decades of content development

headed by psychologist John Selby and his colleagues.

John is a therapist and mindfulness teacher who came of age

in the sixties and has ever since continued to explore

new approaches to ancient meditative methods.

Click Here for his author/bio site.




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