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Enjoy This Moment


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We are a progressive 'quiet mind' community

exploring new guidance tools and teachers

to help us grow and heal as we discover 

our deeper potential and fulfillment.

The Enjoy This Moment Facebook community

is our place to share with each other

what we're learning each new day.

Our learning platform is the free

Enjoy This Moment app.

Below is a short intro video

by co-creator John Selby.

This app is loaded with new meditations and inner adventures that effortlessly shift you into a more insightful and light-hearted mood.

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Our Mission

Nurturing Individual Growth ... Within Expanded Community

We all desire the deep good feeling of belonging to a compassionate community. This is what holds humanity together - and many of us are seeking a new sense of authentic communal fellowship grounded in shared inner experience. 


Our mission with the Enjoy This Moment movement and community is to merge tech and spirit into a new expression of online exploration and community. We welcome you to participate in whatever way feels best for you.

Donations Are Welcome

The Enjoy This Moment app is a free community service. All donations are used to further the development and sharing of our programs and community. We welcome all levels of contributions. Thanks for your support!

ETM Philosophy

Our programs and the Enjoy This Moment community are grounded in the science and philosophy underlying the academic discipline of positive psychology, and also in the universal human virtues found in all the great religions. We feel that science and spirit are both part of a vastly larger whole, and they can work together beautifully toward the higher good of all. We welcome everyone into our community who is striving to hold compassion, inspiration, cooperation and exploration as their primary guiding principles in life.